For the past few weeks in this section of the Health Tip I have been sharing how simple the evening meal can be for those following The Hallelujah Diet.

This week I want to share with you the simplest meal possible.

It requires no preparation.

And can travel with you wherever you go.

Hallelujah Acres Survival Bars

Hallelujah Acres Survival Bars are the organic, raw food body fuel that goes where you go!

Pack it for hiking, biking, working through lunch, or put it in your child’s lunchbox – whatever the demand. Survival Bar’s exceptional blend of superfoods deliver an abundance of living enzymes to keep your living cells running at peak performance.

Healthy bodies need whole foods that contain living enzymes. Many products claim to be organic, but their high heat processing kills the natural living enzymes found only in whole, raw foods.

The cold processing used to create Hallelujah Acres Survival Bars retains the living enzymes found only in nature.

After BarleyMax, these raw Survival Bars are Hallelujah Acres most sought after product. I personally take several bars to a box of 12 of these Survival Bars with me when I travel. They are delicious, nutritious, and Rhonda and I often eat them instead of an evening meal.

Buy Survival Bars here!

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