Last week I wrote an article titled “The True Meaning of Christmas”, which produced lots of comments and email responses. This first letter challenged what I had written:

“George, You have a great health message the world desperately needs, but to hear you don’t understand that Christmas is a pagan tradition made up by men and not by God is disheartening. Only God can establish Holy Days, Feast Days, and special Sabbaths on which we can celebrate and worship Him. For good reason God has kept hidden the date which Jesus was really born.” William

William, You are absolutely right when you say that the date of Jesus’ birth is unknown, and that the day we celebrate Christmas was originally a pagan holiday.

But I think it is kind of neat the way the world has turned what was originally a pagan holiday into a day we celebrate the birth of Jesus. Though we don’t know the exact date Jesus was born, we do know that He was born.

When Rhonda and I celebrate Christ’s birth on Christmas Day we are not observing a pagan holiday, but rather celebrating the birth of the One who left heaven’s glory, took on a fleshly body, born in a lowly stable, in order to eventually go to an old rugged cross where He would shed His blood in complete payment for our sins.

Though we do not know for sure on what day Jesus was born, we do enjoy and appreciate that there is a day set aside each year to remember our Saviour’s birth. The bible tells us that that when Jesus was born, the angels, shepherds and wise men all came to celebrate the birth of Jesus, should we do less?

This past Sunday morning, Christmas morning 2011, Rhonda and I were in church with about 800 others singing “Oh, come, let us adore him, Oh, come, let us adore him, Oh, come, let us adore him, Christ the Lord.”

The pastor brought an outstanding Christmas message from the second chapter of the Gospel of Luke, and at the conclusion of the service over a dozen accepted Christ as Saviour. I really feel sad for those Christians who fail to celebrate the birth of Christ on what we today call “Christmas Day”. They are missing so many wonderful and exciting blessings!

Many Other Letters Received

“Dear George, you really hit the right point. In our church here in Indonesia we also preach about Jesus whose birthday we celebrate at Christmas time. Thank you for sharing “The True Meaning of Christmas” and reminding us of the real reason for the season. You shared some very powerful truths.” Health Minister Ichsan G., Indonesia

“Your article on “The True Meaning of Christmas was both interesting and timely. God bless you and Rhonda and all those at Hallelujah Acres with good health and continued success as you enlighten those Christians who don’t understand that ‘You don’t have to be sick’” Charles

“Dear George, Thank you so very much for the detailed article regarding “The True Meaning of Christmas.” Jesus has been my Lord and Saviour ever since I came to understand through the study of God’s Word about God’s plan of salvation when I was in my 20’s so many, many years ago. Oh what great joy came into my heart when I asked Jesus to come into my heart and experienced with thankfulness the forgiveness of ALL my sins. And the second greatest event in my life after salvation was when I started implementing the Genesis 1:29 Diet (Hallelujah Diet) and I learned the added gift of grace God had given me of a self-healing body. Much love, and a Merry Christmas to you, Rhonda, and all at Hallelujah Acres.” Monika H.

“Thank you for sharing ‘The True Meaning of Christmas’. It helps to remind us of the reason for the season.” Art B.

“Rev. Malkmus, the scriptures you used in your timely article ‘The True Meaning of Christmas’ were the very Scriptures God used to bring me to Jesus. It was especially joyous reading them in a format where so many others would have opportunity to hear them and hopefully come to know Jesus as I have come to know Him. May God richly bless you!” Felice

“Thank you Pastor George for telling this wonderful Christmas story again. This is the story that is seldom told nowadays and even the Christian needs to be reminded and refreshed again and again. Christmas show us God’s love in action – ‘For GOD so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life’ – John 3:16” Christine C.

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