Who is George Malkmus?

Since becoming a Christian on May 29, 1957 at a Billy Graham Crusade in Madison Square Garden in New York City, I have been studying the Bible. I went to school for four years of preparation for the ministry, followed by almost twenty years of pastoring at various churches, preparing and delivering somewhere around five thousand Bible-based sermons. During my four years of formal training, the Bible was our textbook and the final word for all our studies.

Then in 1976, I was told I had colon cancer, a potentially life-threatening physical problem. Just prior to being told I had colon cancer, I had watched my mother die a horrible death at the hands of the medical community, which had treated her with its modalities for her colon cancer. Because of Mom’s horrible experience at the hands of her well-meaning doctors, when I was told I had the same problem, I went searching for a better means of dealing with it.

In my search, I contacted evangelist Lestor Roloff, a great Bible preacher in Texas, for help. Brother Roloff had been teaching biblical nutrition for years, and he discouraged me from going the medical route while encouraging me to simply change my diet from the Standard American Diet (SAD) to the Genesis 1:29 diet of raw fruits and vegetables. He also encouraged me to drink a lot of carrot juice.

George in Front of a Church he Pastored Almost immediately after making this diet change, I started to get well! Within a year after making this diet change to a pure, raw, vegetarian diet, not only was my tumor gone, but so were all the other physical problems I was suffering from when I made the diet change. This experience drew me into the Bible, a book I had been studying and preaching from for over twenty years prior to my illness, to see what it had to say on the subject. To my amazement, even though I had been studying the Bible since 1957, I found the Bible had lots to say on the subject. So much, in fact, that in 1987, I wrote my first book, Why Christians Get Sick, which contains approximately 150 Bible verses relating to the subject. This book has helped many Christians understand Biblical nutrition, and has now passed the mark of a quarter million copies in print.

Original Headquarters In 1992, Rhonda and I started the Hallelujah Acres® Ministry in a small store in Rogersville, TN, where we served carrot juice and other vegetarian fare, as well as shared my health message with all who would listen. From that humble beginning, Hallelujah Acres® has grown to an estimated two million plus followers today.

I was not alone in my gross ignorance of Biblical nutrition for so much of my Christian life. It is a subject in which most Christians have practically no knowledge. Most of the prayer requests for sickness in our churches are the result of this ignorance.

I have personally been following this Genesis 1:29 diet for nearly 30 years after having followed the Standard American Diet (SAD) for 42 years. I have personally experienced both the world’s diet and the Genesis 1:29 diet, and know what each of the diets has done in my own physical body. I have been there and done that!

Seminar In addition to Biblical research and personal experience, I have spent the last 28 years of my life learning everything I could about the subject from both Christian and non-Christian sources alike. I studied under Dr. Carey Reams in Georgia; worked with Dr. Ann Wigmore in Boston; spent two years learning Natural Hygiene and lecturing at the Shangri-La Health resort in Florida; as well as studying most of the modalities in both the traditional and alternative health fields.

So when I speak on the subject of Biblical nutrition, I feel that I am more than a mere novice since I have spent over twenty-five years studying all manner of health-related information, especially the Bible, with regard to what it teaches concerning diet and lifestyle, as well as personally living the Genesis 1:29 diet for the same twenty- five years.

And with Rhonda by my side, and Olin and the rest of the Hallelujah Acres® staff, I encourage you to learn all you can about God’s way to ultimate health, and adopt His way for your health.

Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. (3 John 2)

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  • puz

    As a certified nutritionist, I’ve given several seminars at Sayre Woods Bible Church, here in New Jersey, as well as many corporations. A plant-based diet is paramount for optimal health, especially when the proper enzymes (inherent in the phytonutrients themselves) help to complement one another.
    Stay F<USED,

  • Barbara A. Johnson

    in order to come off the medication for high blood pressure I would need to take barley max and carrot juice, is this right?

  • Crisguinalonjr

    You are a channel of blessing to all sick and sickly people, christians or non-christians.

  • Glendakuhn

    Does this diet help with cataracs, or should I get surgery?

  • Marshallmerle

    Can you please tell me how to treat burning mouth syndrome. I have had this problem where my mouth feels like its on fire, for some years now. I am fed up of eating salads. There has not been any improvement no matter what I try.


  • Melanie

    What would you suggest for Mercury Poisoning?????????

  • Naomi Obazee


  • Rose Ogbe

    how can one get off high blood pressure drug? to start the diet.

  • Rich Gallo

    WHAT MAKES AML leukemia soo much more to deal with so it doesn’t come back……….had a relapse once………Please never again I pray but what am I missing………Are there any suppliments or something I can add to keeping it away ……….A THOUGHT…….DIRECTION….PLEASE

  • Ruth Burke

    Inspired by George’s healing to follow this life style to cure bladder cancer. Have been vegetarian for 30 years but now following vegan diet, closer walk with God and thriving!! Thank you George for your obedience to the Lord’s direction!

  • Josefina

    I suggest that you do Raw Green Smoothie (fruits and vegetables 2x day.

  • Josefina

    Kill the parasites plus do the Gen 1:29 diet

  • Chinyere


  • Jacquelyn

    See http://www.herbdoc.com, Click on Dr. Schulze’s NEW BLOG, and go to the left margin and read everything you find on eyes–and other. Amazing amount of material re curing anything and everything!

  • neh gadys ateghang

    am so happy i have these page .Am a cameroon in Africa i really would want to be a reprisentative in my country so i would if you permite me to study Hallelujah diet.Am a Medical Laboratory Tech.how do i go about it.I have being living it for the past 3 months and have gone off my medications by the grace of God so am a good testimony

  • neh gadys ateghang

    or how long can it take one with acnes to get well?